Cooking a full meal on the Big Green Egg is extremely easy. I especially like the fact cooking your whole meal on the BGE results in very few dishes!

Total Prep Time : 15 Minutes
Total Cook Time: 13 Minites

Get your steaks out an hour early to bring up to room temperature. You never want to cook a cold steak as it makes it very hard to judge the doneness. Salt is all that is needed, and if you have a good cut of meat, the flavor will stand on it’s own. Never pepper before searing as it can burn the pepper and give a bitter taste. Slice the bread just prior to cooking and lightly brush with olive oil. Slice your romaine lengthwise and discard and loose pieces. Drizzle olive oil, salt and any seasonings you like.

Get your grill going and the temperature stabilized about 550 Degrees. Open your dome a few inches for a couple of seconds to “burp” it, close it and then reopen carefully. Always expect a burst of flame and heat when cooking at these high heats!

Have a timer already set for 2 minutes (medium rare). Place your steaks on the grill, close the lid, start the timer and don’t wander far! It is very easy to overcook your steaks. Burp your BGE, flip the steaks and reset timer. When your steaks are done, open lid carefully, place in serving dish and cover with foil. While the steaks are resting get your multi-grain on for about a minute on each side. Get those off when done and place your romaine face down for about 2-3 minutes per side depending on how charred you want them to get. The “char” you will get on the romaine goes nicely with the seared steak and slightly burnt bread, so don’t be afraid if it is a little blackened.

By the time your romaine and bread is done, your steaks will have “rested” and are ready to eat. Full bodied red wines like Zin go extremely well with this meal.


Randy Lockard