Take your steaks out of the refrigerator an hour prior so they get to room temperature. This will ensure an even, controlled cook. Strong spices like pepper can burn and taste bitter, so no need to use anything other than salt. A good piece of meat will stand on it’s own and not need a lot of extra flavor. Pepper is fine after the steak is cooked.

Larger pieces of charcoal produce hotter temps, so make sure you use some fresh charcoal for best results.

650 Degrees. 2 Minutes per side for Medium Rare. 3 Minutes per side for Medium Well. 4 for Well Done. Do NOT let the time get away from you or you will be eating seriously overcooked steak. I personally use the timer on my phone as soon as I close the lid.

When you open the egg to flip, please make sure to burp (lift the lid slightly, close and then open) your egg, or you will be losing the hair on your arm (or possibly worse!). I can give you first hand knowledge of that event unfortunately!

Now go get cooking!

Randy Lockard