I’m an expert at crunchy rice and burnt brownies. Admittedly, most of my cooking comes from a box. This was my first time grilling salmon (or doing any kind of cooking with salmon, for that matter). However, I found that it was amazingly simple to cook on the Big Green Egg.

I started the Egg by lighting the Natural Charcoal Starter, and while I was waiting for it to heat, I prepared the salmon.

First I put the fillets on cedar planks, which had been soaked for several hours. Next, I put a bit of olive oil on and spread it evenly. I then covered the fish in garlic, but realized I might have put too much on, so I took most of it off and simply went with a bit of salt & pepper. Finally, I covered it in lemon slices and I was done!

It only took 25 minutes on the grill at 375 degrees. Everyone that tasted it thought someone else did it, but I have witnesses!

By Jill Anderson, the Appliance Sales Expert voted worst cook