Grilling vegetables on the Big Green Egg is extremely easy and never fails to produce flavorful, healthy results.

We decided to grill romaine lettuce this time around, and as usual, were not disappointed!

Get your Egg stabilized at 400 degrees with direct heat. You will be lightly oiling the grate, so have a brush and olive oil handy.

Simply take the whole romaine and slice is lengthwise. Discard any loose leaves and trim the hard stem just a bit to get rid of the brown part. Don’t cut too much of the stem off or the leaves will not stay on!

Lightly drizzle some salt and olive oil over them (no pepper as it can burn and tastes bitter. You can pepper after cooking), or you can use any seasonings that may compliment anything else you are serving.

Lightly oil the grates (expect a flare up from the oil hitting the coals!). Grill the romaine face down for 3-5 minutes, depending on the amount of char you prefer. It won’t take long so no napping!

You can top with any dressing you like. We used freshly squeezed lemon, pepper and freshly cooked bacon bits. Blue cheese and pepper goes extremely well with it as well.

Happy Grilling!