At Allen and Petersen we have a true love of food, and we love experimenting!

We have done many vegetables such as baked potatoes and grilled corn, but once you have a Big Green Egg you never stop looking for different things to use it for.

I decided to try squash in the Big Green Egg, but couldn’t decide on a single type, so we did butternut, acorn and spaghetti.

All three types were cut in half, seeds and pulp scooped out and drizzled with either salt, pepper and olive oil (acorn and spaghetti) , or with cinnamon, brown sugar and nutmeg (butternut).

We set the egg for 350 degrees on direct cooking and placed the squashes face down for 20 minutes, and then flipped them for an additional 20 minutes. These were all medium sized and larger squash would likely take another 15 minutes or so once flipped. Test for doneness with a clean knife and see if it slides easily through the meat.

Most of the staff and customer’s agreed that the butternut was their favorite as it was almost like a dessert, as they are naturally sweet, and combined well with the “holiday” spices like cinnamon.

Have fun and keep cooking!

Randy Lockard