We LOVE pizza here at Allen & Petersen! With the exception of having your own pizzaria, the Big Green Egg makes the best pizza outside of Italy. It is very fast and extremely easy to get excellent results.

Get your egg fired up as high as you can. 600+ degrees is not too hot!. This will mean fresh coal and having the top and bottom dampeners opened fully, and your old ash cleaned out for maximum air flow. You will be using indirect heat, so the convegtor and a pizza stone are necessary, and make sure you get these heating up at the same time your egg is coming to temperature. This will keep your pizza from burning and also give you that wood-fired pizza crust you love. We like using “OO” Pizza Flour as it has a different blend and consistency that normal white flour simply doesn’t provide. You can get this at local Italian markets or on Amazon like we did. It runs about $15 per 6 pounds, so it is more expensive than regular flour but oh-so-worth-it!

 Make sure to use a pizza peel to slide your pizza onto the pizza stone, and also to remove it when done. You do not want to attempt reaching across 600 degrees and grabbing a pizza covered in molten cheese!

It only takes about 7-9 minutes to finish your pizza at these high temperatures. About 4 minutes into the bake we like to rotate the pizza so it gets more evenly browned. Make sure that each time you open the egg that you are keeping the top dampener fully open as it can easily close shut.

There are literally hundreds of pizza recipes I found on-line, and techniques for preparing the dough and toppings. The universal rules to make your life easier are to make sure that your dough does not stick to the pizza peel by using either flour or corn meal (don’t be stingy!), and to closely watch the pizza while it cooks as it is easy to burn at these higher temps.


 Randy Lockard