Most people who see or have heard about the Big Green Egg incorrectly believe it to be “just another grill”. Nothing could be farther from the truth! I have made it my mission to try as many different cooking styles as possible, and so far have not been disappointed.
Whether you are cooking for the family, entertaining or getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday (like many are!) , the Egg has you covered. You can of course grill steaks and hamburgers for your friends, but what about all of those fantastic finger-foods?
Sliders, chicken wings, and personal pizzas are some of our favorites that we have demoed, but we wanted to show you another tasty choice. How about jalapeno poppers? I decided to tackle the poppers as I had never cooked them before, and was amazed at how easy and flavorful they turned out. I used the Wickles Open Face Jalapeno Poppers recipe on the Big Green Egg website. Total prep time took me 15 minutes and total cook time was less than 10 minutes at 400 degrees. The recipe makes far, far, more stuffing than you could possibly use, so I suggest doubling, or even tripling, the total number of peppers used. Of course if you want spicier poppers leave some of the seeds in. The light smoke taste the BGE imparts pairs very nicely with the cheese and heat from the peppers.
Enjoy, and don’t forget….if you can cook it, you can cook it in an egg!
Randy Lockard