I’ve been able to create amazing meats on my Egg, but this was my first, and it will always have a special place in my heart.  I was new to cooking on the Egg so I was a bit awkward and shy when it came to airflow, in-direct or direct, temperature, etcetera, but I was willing to jump in with both feet.

I started with an eight pound pork tenderloin from Costco and decided to cut it into four sections, one for the grill and three for the freezer, and the cook went something like this:

I rubbed the tenderloin with dijon mustard, you don’t need much.  Next I ground a dusting of sea salt over all sides and ends, followed by ground pepper, followed by Italian herbs.

I put wood chips in apple cider and set those aside letting them soak for about an hour. I lit the grill preparing to cook at 350 degrees or so, but allowing the grill to climb over that temp to about 450 degrees.  This is when I remove the grill grate and add the wet wood chips.  Once they’re on the charcoal, I put the grill grate back and closed the lid in an effort to monitor and regulate temp to 350 degrees.  It didn’t take long.  Then the grill was ready for the meat, which went directly onto the grill grate cooking it directly over the lump charcoal.

Cooking time was about 35-40 minutes quickly turning the tenderloin every 10 minutes to prevent charring.  I took it off when internal temperature read 135 degrees, but after resting was right at about 140 degrees.

The smoky flavor in pork when it is cooked on the Egg is amazing.  I’ve now done this recipe several times and it’s perfect every time!

Kyle D. Mirka