My mouth was watering when I read Matt Pittman of Meat Church recipe for Texas-Style Brisket found on the Big Green Egg site, so it was a natural go to for my first long cook. I wanted to outline a few things and give a few pointers as clarification to the recipe.

img_1439I bought the smallest brisket I could find at Costco which ended up being right at 4 lbs. Knowing that the rub would be enough for 6 times that I reduced the quantity by 4 which looks like this:

¼ Cup Corse Ground Pepper
¼ Cup Salt
1 Table Spoon Paprika
1 Table Spoon Granulated Garlic
1 Table Spoon Onion Powder

Having the luxury of putting this all over a 4 lb brisket I can share that it enough for at least a 6 lb brisket. Don’t cake on the rub, like I did, as the salt can img_1444overpower the meat if you do. Simply rub it up and down so that its covered, don’t go crazy and leave it ultra thick, I think you’ll be disappointed if you do. Let that marinate in the refrigerator overnight.

Set your egg for indirect cooking at about 250 degrees using your preference of wood chips for added smoke. I like putting a pan of water on the convEGGtor so that the brisket drippings can drip into the pan which also adds to the moisture of the environment. Recognize all of that added to the egg will increase the length of time the Egg gets to temperature. Probably should plan on 40 min to get it where you want it. Place the brisket directly on the grill fat side down.

img_1445You’re shooting for an internal temp of 160 degrees which should take the majority of the cooking time to get to. Here is the calculation:

Weight X 1 hour & 15 minutes = Total Cooking Time (Latter 2 Hours Wrapped In Foil)img_1448

The latter two hours of the cooking time the brisket should be wrapped up in double foil and placed back on the grill fat side up. This latter two hour period is when we’re looking for 200 degrees.

Once it comes off the grill let it rest as long as you can stand it. This is always the hardest part for me – I’m ready to eat when the smell of meat makes it inside of the house. Resist as long as you can, 15 minutes on the short side, and hour would be awesome!

Kyle D. Mirka